Would a Disaster Management system help Knysna?

knysna fireFor the past week, the Garden Route has been in a frenzy over the raging / smouldering fires.

We’ve been close to the action this past week and assisted with getting things back in shape. 

As the Eden District is recovering from the devastation caused by fires and strong winds, we are taking stock and asking: what lessons have we learnt?

Some of the following problem areas have been identified by people on the ground that have been actively involved in co-ordinating efforts:

  • Lack of initial co-ordination to get resources to fight fires (i.e. scrambling additional firefighters when they couldn’t cope)
  • Lack of escalation processes to deal with a large-scale disaster like this
  • Lack of clear communication from the central Ops Center to all involved
  • Better instructions for managing disaster relief operations

With this in mind, perhaps their Disaster / Incident Management systems and processes are up for a review – 

  • Could this improve co-ordination of Fire / Medical staff?
  • Could this help outlying areas that co-ordinate their own efforts?
  • Could this help inform the public better about relief efforts?

If you have similar ideas or are able to contribute, please leave a comment!

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