Do you find yourself repeatedly doing the same action, and wanting to automate this?

SharePoint Workflow features have grown into a mature toolset that allows configuring the system to fit way you do business

By using advanced Business Analysis methods to understand your current processes,  we can offer you

  • Methods to map your current and future business processes, using UML
  • Selection of the best tools in SharePoint for Workflows
  • Evaluation of 3rd party add-ins for Workflows, where applicable
  • Custom Workflow development, using Designer / Visual Studio

Once implemented, SharePoint Workflows result in the following benefits

  • Improves your staff productivity, by automating routine work
  • Reduces human error in leaving out certain steps
  • Enforces business rules, based on specified decisions
  • Integrates with Outlook to notify internal staff of events
  • Maintains your data integrity by updating related records