Do you need to merge data across systems, or show data from other systems in SharePoint?

This is where SharePoint crosses systemic boundaries and delivers a seamless platform, allowing sharing of data from other File or Database Servers

With many years of implementing software systems of all types, we have built a vast skill set in modelling data and extracting it into meaningful knowledge

Using the built-in features of Business Connectivity in SharePoint, we can

  • Build Lists from foreign data sources, i.e. show your Debtors
  • Append metadata from external sources, i.e. a Project name from your Projects server
  • Write data to other systems, i.e. create Orders in your ERP system
  • Build meaningful Business Intelligence solutions
  • Create dashboards, i.e. using Key Performance Indicators

SharePoint integrations result in the following tangible business benefits

  • Manage your data at source, instead of duplicating it across systems
  • Improve the User Experience, by including data from other systems
  • Merge data across systems, including SharePoint data, to create meaningful reports
  • Allow all staff to view important data, i.e. a consolidated view of your Customer