Branding / Design

  • Home Page

    An agricultural look-and-feel connects users with their company's purpose
  • Landing Page 1

    As a starting point for a user's journey, a bit of style can make a huge difference
  • Landing Page 2

    A more classroom-style landing page as a fun starting point for user navigation
  • Landing Page 3

    Creating a Desktop that matches a users' physical "desk" brings familiarity and boosts user adoption
  • Process flows

    Allowing users to navigate easier through their daily tasks uplifts their experience
  • Mascots

    These fun-filled characters will bring a smile to your users' faces

Do you need an improved User Interface, to improve the standard Out-of-the-Box look and feel?

Our team has a rare combination of Design and SharePoint skills that can add a touch of flair to your current SharePoint environment, including

1. Build creative Landing Pages for Site Collections

2. Create more engaging Process Flows for ease of use

3. Branding your site with your preferred corporate look-and-feel

4. Add life to your InfoPath forms

5. Bring a personal touch to your User Experience, using stylized Mascots


Adding creative touch to your SharePoint environment has many benefits, including

1. Easier navigation, using intuitive interfaces

2. Improved user adoption, since end users feel more comfortable with their environment

3. More fun at work = happier end users = improved productivity

So let us give your current (boring) SharePoint site a make-over!