Quality Management System

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    The form used to capture Non-conformance information
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Do you need a QMS System to manage your ISO Compliance? 

We offer a fully functional Quality Management System based on SharePoint technology, supporting the following ISO standards

  • Quality (9001)
  • Environment (14001)
  • Health and Safety (18001)
  • Other Compliance standards can be added with minimal effort

Our solution includes the following components, and can extend with ease

  • Dashboards for Management
  • Capturing of Non Conformance Reports (NCR’s) using a custom InfoPath form
  • Capturing of Incidents using a custom InfoPath form
  • External capturing of Customer Complaints using an InfoPath form
  • Workflows managing automated User Notifications and Status updates
  • An ISO Document repository, that can be tailor-made to suit your company
  • Multi-Branch functionality

We can also migrate your legacy ISO systems to our solution with ease, at a fraction of the cost of rebuilding it

You can benefit from the following as a result of implementing our QMS

  • Audits are faced with confidence, as you can answer any queries immediately
  • Users can all see the latest Document version, instead of emailing updates to all Branches / staff
  • User Security and accessibility can be managed with standard SharePoint features
  • Document changes can be properly authorised and updated