Nintex Workflows

Nintex Workflow 2010

Do you need an advanced no-code Workflow solution for SharePoint?

The following are a few of the features available with Nintex Workflow:

  1. Browser-based design and editing (not a separate application)
  2. Additional user-definable Actions
  3. Allows for complex processing of Steps (e.g. looping through records)
  4. Improved Workflow Control (e.g. conditional starting of a Workflow)
  5. Improved Publishing (e.g. versioning with rollback options)
  6. Integration: Enhanced AD / LOB App integration features

For a brief feature overview comparing Nintex Workflow to SharePoint Designer, see this video

Nintex Workflow is a vast improvement over SharePoint Designer’s standard workflow tools, i.e.

  1. Empower all SharePoint users to automate their own processes in minutes
  2. Measure and improve business performance
  3. Share and align business practices across teams
  4. Simple deployment and management, no client software required
  5. No additional servers required

In short, it is the best value-for-money 3rd party SharePoint workflow solution available on the market!

Also see this document comparing features of the different editions: Nintex_Workflow_2010_Edition_Comparison