Light Project Management

  • Resources

    Manage your Stakeholders in SharePoint, whether they are Active participants or decision makers
  • Change Requests

    Allow changes to your Project Plan and Budget to be communicated to relevant stakeholders with transparency
  • Risk Log

    Clearly communicate your Risks and Issues on all Projects, with Workflows to automate the resulting Tasks
  • Project Plan

    Create your Project within MS Project, then integrate the Plan seamlessly into SharePoint for visibility and clarity on Progress

Do you need a simple (yet effective) solution to run your Projects on your SharePoint intranet?

We have a project management Site Template based on PMBOK principles, with these features

1. Project Plan – the current Project tasks, plus history if required, integrated with MS Project

2. Project Budget – latest Budget line items, plus history of changes as part of a Change Request

3. Document Repository – central space to manage all documents for the Project

4. Resources – communicate easily with all Stakeholders from a central Project Resource list

5. Risk / Issue Log – list of all Risks and Issues for the Project

Having this all bundled into a SharePoint Site has the following Benefits

1. With a central repository, all stakeholders can view the “single version of the truth”

2. Using one template across your Projects, a standard  Methodology can be followed, with the benefits of standardisation

3. Using standard SharePoint features, you can notify the relevant people when anything changes on the Project

4. Resources can notify you of their progress by updating the Project Progress per Task themselves

5. Security can be setup to give different access levels to different stakeholders, from Sponsor to active Resources

So allow us to help you achieve better results from managing Projects on SharePoint!