We enable enterprise content management with:

  • Project Team sites for teams that need to collaborate on projects
  • Communication sites for building new channels to engage target audiences
  • Records Management sites for electronic filing and archiving
  • Service Desk sites for managing your customer service
  • Quality Management sites for managing ISO 9000 process management
  • Management Reporting using enterprise system data on dashboards
  • Sales Pipeline Management for streamlining Prospects / Customers comms

A big focus is on SharePoint Online with 10 years experience!

Case Study

In 2012 we implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) for CAT-WWL on SharePoint

  • CAT-WWL required a central system to improve quality management across branches
  • Several QMS processes were analysed, i.e. Non-Conformance Reports etc.
  • Legacy content was migrated from Lotus Notes to a SharePoint platform
  • Over 100 users across South Africa were added and trained on it
  • Workflows were built to automate Quality Management processes

As a result, both internal / external quality audits were vastly improved and easier to manage

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