Team Collaboration

We enable enterprise content management with:

Project Team sites for teams that need to collaborate on projects
Communication sites for building new channels to engage target audiences
Records Management sites for electronic filing and archiving
Service Desk sites for managing your customer service
Quality Management sites for managing ISO 9000 process management
Management Reporting using enterprise system data on dashboards
Sales Pipeline Management for streamlining Prospects / Customers comms

A big focus is on SharePoint Online with 10 years experience!

Case Study: CAT-WWL

In 2012 we implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) for CAT-WWL on SharePoint

♦ CAT-WWL required a central system to improve quality management across branches
Several QMS processes were analysed, i.e. Non-Conformance Reports etc.
Legacy content was migrated from Lotus Notes to a SharePoint platform
Over 100 users across South Africa were added and trained on it
Workflows were built to automate Quality Management processes

As a result, both internal / external quality audits were vastly improved and easier to manage.