Mobi App DevAs the mobile market continues to grow, we’ve found an increasing interest in mobile app development from customers, which is exciting!

Here are our tips from past experience, to ensure mobi apps are a success:

  • Which phone platform to build for (Android / Apple / Windows / all?)
  • Keep UI design simple and relative to its platform design principles
  • Use Responsive Web Design (RWD) where possible instead of native mobi apps (i.e. if no native phone functionality like GPS is required)
  • What happens if there’s no internet connection (for instance RWD may require local cache and Database on the mobile device)
  • Consider a context-sensitive UX design for native apps, i.e. GPS location
  • Build reliable real-time Web Services for integration to other systems
  • A cross-platform mobi app development toolkit (like Xamarin) can build once and deploy across multiple platforms (with some restrictions)
  • Build security features to protect customer sensitive data being stored locally and transferred over the web
  • Allow users to test the app (without uploading to Play Store first)
  • Remember native apps require ongoing future development (for latest OS features)