How can IT better support Business priorities?

CEO’s have real business priorities that need attention, often requiring innovative solutions by CIO’s to enable their strategies and keep up with competitors.

However CIO’s often use 60% to 80% of their budget just to maintain legacy systems, with increasingly complex system landscapes and their priorities typically being security / scalability not innovation. 

This is a typical IT / Business priority struggle, with process improvements using technology allowing incremental shifts with mixed results. It results in an increasing divergence between IT / Business as the rate of technology and business change is accelerating, but the CIO’s are typically unable to respond to these demands with shrinking budgets and skills shortages.

From my experience here are some possible solutions:

  1. Enterprise Architecture: this allows the IT landscape to be mapped to Business functions and ensure they are aligned, ideally orchestrating the dynamic interaction between parties on an ongoing basis
  2. “Democracy” of IT: this allows business users to become shadow IT resources, by providing templates and tools to support their IT needs
  3. Low Code: this is an example of IT democracy, allowing super users to build / deploy systems to enable their processes without needing developer skills
  4. Business App Store: this allows business-ready apps that’s customized for the IT landscape to be deployed on demand by business users (consumer driven)
  5. Self Service BI: allows business to extract its own reports from existing data warehouses (or Big Data lakes) that are structured properly according to need
  6. “Centre of Excellence”: this focus group of top skills can apply to all the above, to embed new IT competencies like Mobile / Cloud / IoT in Business or bring top Process / Project Management skills to Business and build its competency

These are some examples I’ve encountered on how to achieve this,

If you have other ideas let me know!