Our Story

Free spirited adventure is at the core of what we do and who we are

Back in 2008 when the financial markets took a tumble, I took a gap year travelling around the globe. From that came the realization that an entrepreneurial spirit allows more creative ideas, hence AZ Consulting CC was born from that idea in Durban in 2009.

Starting off by crafting custom solutions for the NGO sector, we focused on Monitoring and Evaluation solutions. SmartXchange startup incubator in Durban was very helpful and our opportunities grew to service private sector clients with custom solutions.

Scaling up to the enterprise level allowed us to vastly grow our reach, for instance with Transnet we improved import / export systems and processes at all RSA Cargo Ports. This was a massive task that spanned several years, involving a core group of 10+ dev’s

Meeting interesting cultures and people is why I love travelling, so from our success in Durban we spread our wings to other parts of the country like Western Cape and Gauteng. This added some great experiences with clients which we’ll share in some blog posts!

Our Values

♦ Integrity is a key to being honest and open in our dealings
Reliable Service is the key to satisfied clients and end users
Creativity is the key to driving innovation

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